Epsicon has been the preferred contractor for  constructing and installing optical fiber and copper cabling solutions to our clients more than 5 years.

As experienced contractors in Telco industry and Traffic Management solutions, Epsicon provides excellence and diverse range of services catering to the modern market needs making the reputation as Telco infrastructure contractors in the industry.

Our Core Telco Services



Proper scoping of the job save many hours in downtime as we collect most accurate field data to assist the designers to come up with a great design. We have worked with major Tier 1 companies to scope their telecommunication job sites.

Civil Build

Trenching, Pit and Pipe installation, Pit upgrades, Pipe Proving, Concreting and Asphalting for various asset owners are key part for the job completion.

Class – B Asbestos Removal

Old Asbestos is identified as high risk hazard. Our trained and experience staff can remove asbestos with care while maintaining the highest level of hygiene when it comes to asbestos removal. We dispose all our asbestos removals to EPA approved landfills to ensure the disposals are carried out in a safer mannar.

Directional Drilling

Our D23 x30DR Vermeer drill machine set up help us get through all terrain pipe installation experience.

Optical Fiber And Coaxial Cable Hauling

Optic fibre cable hauling and installation projects in the telecommunications industry is one of our many strengths. We have developed strong working relationships with several high profile telecommunications contractors. We value these relationships, which will enable us to grow while completing projects to the highest standard possible.

Copper Jointing

The team has experience terminating and testing copper network in exchanges and MDF’s, installing Krone Blocks. Capability includes Copper Jointing in the Telstra network, mains jointing, compressions and terminating copper pairs.

Optical Fiber Splicing and Testing

We have our own in-house expert fibre optical splicing team, which can undertake fibre optic splicing and testing for both single and multi-mode optical fibre cabling solutions including fusion and/or mechanical, as well as complete testing services, such as end-to-end, reel testing, and splice loss testing. With highly skilled and qualified technicians in fully equipped splicing vans, Epsicon staff have the latest technology in splicing/testing equipment to ensure that our service is the best in the industry. Our experienced technicians can fault find and repair fibre networks.

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